Chicken Feeder

Automated Chicken Feed Dispenser

Check out this video to see how the feeder works...

The feeder is housed on the left side of the coop with a hinged roof for refilling.

And is essentially a motor driven plastic cereal dispenser.

A motor is attached to where the handle would normally be for dispensing cereal.

There is a hole in the bottom of the box for the chicken feed to fall to the ground.  I covered the hole with some wire to prevent animals from getting in.

In retrospect I should have made the protective wire holes a bit smaller since the chickens like to nip at the feeder hoping more food will drop out.  Generally this hasn't been a problem though and the chickens haven't done any damage.

Project Components

1 Dry Food (Cereal) Dispenser

The dispenser I selected is the Zevro Single Dry Food Dispenser, Black/Chrome.

It has nice flexible rubber pallets at the bottom which work well for holding food and at the same time not jamming.

1 120V Low RPM Motor

I used an inexpensive low RPM motor (20-30 RPM) to turn the crank on the cereal dispenser.  This is switched on and off through one of the high voltage relays connected to the controller box outlets.  A standard 120V plug is connected to the motor wires and plugged into the box for switching.

- Search eBay for "120V rpm motor" or "120V gear motor".


  1. I saw you now have an unlimited feeder, so you're no longer using this automatic feeder?

  2. Update. I use this feeder to drop scratch a few times a day. It now also has much finer screening on the bottom to prevent pests. I found that leaving any food on the ground is generally a bad idea because it attracts rats. I've since gotten a rat-proof-feeder and it has been great. Check out