Project Box

Arduino Controller Project Box

This is my second project box of this type.  The box itself is from RadioShack.  I drill holes for outlets, running wires, and mounting.  I always label the outlets with a label maker so I can keep track of wiring.

On this side I've got the Feed Button input, Door Switch input, Temperature Sensor input, 24V Power for Door Motor input, 12V Power for Arduino input, and Float Switch input.

Here I have the Solenoid Valve output.

On this side I have the Door Open Stop Switch input, Door Close Stop Switch input, Door Motor output, Infrared Sensor input, Light Button input, and Water Button input.

The high power outlets are attached to the Arduino project box and include Arduino controlled outlets for Feeder, Light (brighter string lights), and Fan.  Outlets that are always on (not Arduino controlled) include Moon Light (less bright single LED), Door Motor 24V Adapter, and Arduino 12V Adapter.

Project Components

1 RadioShack Project Enclosure

Pick the right size for how much you plan to take on with your project, then get a box that is a little bigger as something always comes up later on in the project that you'll want to add.  

- Search RadioShack for "project enclosure" to see all sizes of boxes, or visit your local RadioShack.

Many RCA Male and Female Sockets

- Search eBay for "rca socket".

Couple DIN Male and Female Sockets

- Search eBay for "din socket".

3 Power Outlets, Box, and Cover

I picked these up at Home Depot.  Probably your best bet, but you can get these many places online as well.


  1. Hi Roger,
    It seemed like a good time to let you know I am using your code as a template and modifying to suit my coop needs. Some of the things I am changing include removing auto feed and water, and replacing them with indoor and outdoor light controls. I will also be running off a solar charged battery with AC back up *arduino controlled* should the sun fail to shine for too long here in OH. So far it is going quite well! (Which makes me think I am about to hit a major snag!)

    At any rate, I certainly wanted to thank you for your work, as I would not have known where to begin without it. When I'm done, it is likely that the only way to know it started with your code will be the comment crediting you and the general structure of the source, so again, THANK YOU!

    Regards, Dave

    1. Hello Dave,

      I am also in Ohio, and was wondering if you would like to share your code and electrical diagrams?

      i am just starting out on this project, and would hate to reinvent the wheel!