Photo Journal

April 24, 2015

Great egg production after the introduction of an "unlimited" feed, rat-proof chicken feeder!  I am now using the automatic feeder I built to drop a little scratch twice a day.

Eggs!  Got to protect'm.

August, 2014

Chicken calendar!

Chicken Craft Thingy. Thanks Dan and Judy!

Skinny chicks from my trip to India.  Makes my chickens realize how good they have it.  "There are starving chickens in India.  You better eat your pellets and quit begging me for worms!"

Del Mar County Fair chicken.  Nice comb.

First eggs!

Sleepy time.

Mealworm Frenzy.  Nuff said.

Neko would like a taste please.

New home.  Free range (within the confines of the fence)! 

You have been chosen!  Henny and Penny are named.

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